How often should I clean my solar panels?

This all depends on your surroundings. If you are in an area with a lot of trees or on the beach where there is salt in the air, you will have to clean your panels more regularly. For Residential homes we would recommend every 6-12 months. Whereas industrial and commercial sites will generally have more dust and dirt to deal with. We recommend every 3-6 months .

Is it worth getting my solar panels cleaned?

We believe there is 3 main points to this question.

1) Your Solar Panels were a large investment , and to keep that large investment working to it's full potential you must give them a regular clean. We have had customers panels produce up to 50% more electricity just by getting them cleaned which means 50% more back in your pocket. Moss, bird poo, bat poo, sea salt , leaves and dirt are main contributors to dirtying your panels. 

2) Getting on a roof to clean your solar panels can be very dangerous and sometimes lethal . We are all qualified for working at heights and we take all the safety precautions needed to get the job done to a high standard.

3) In most cases when you purchased your solar panels, you have a warranty to regularly clean your solar panels . By not keeping to the terms and conditions of warranty, it may become void.

Do you use any harmful chemicals that might affect my water tank?

No. We used De-Ionised water through a water-fed brush to clean the panels. This provides a top clean finish , and prevents any damage to the solar panels . Some chemicals, as well as home detergents, do more harm than good.

Do I have to be home for you to wash our Solar Panels? 

We prefer to meet you the first time, so you can get to know and trust us for future cleans. If for some reason you can't be there for your appointment, we can still carry on with the work. 

 What happens if there is anything wrong with my panels and they need to be fixed?

We are not qualified electricians, but we do have a very experienced and trustworthy company that we work with who will be able to fix any electrical faults. 

Do you have public liability and qualifications?

We are fully qualified for working heights and fully insured . We make sure that we use only the best quality safety equipment so you can be confident in the knowledge that your solar equipment and premises will be completely safe.

Watch this short video for more information: